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E-Square Coconut Oil - Perfect Natural Remedy To All Health Issues: Multi Purpose Product [Must Read]


E-Square Coconut Oil - Perfect Natural Remedy To All Health Issues: Multi Purpose Product [Must Read]

E-Square Coconut Oil - Perfect Natural Remedy To All Health Issues: Multi Purpose Product [Must Read]

Hello able visitors of CALTRENDS, greetings to you all. Please take your time to read this post as you stand to benefit a lot from it.

Truly, It is very important to know that a healthy man, is a wealthy man.... this is to say that health is wealth!

We bring to you today, this amazing, life saving, natural and multi-purpose product called "E-Square natural coconut oil". Continue to read below as we have listed all you have to know about E-Square natural coconut oil.

Nature lovers are very enthusiastic about what nature has for them. Gen. 1:29 says "Then God said, I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it,they will be yours for food" NIV.

"E-square" has been one of the nature lovers, and this led to their researches on coconut and coconut oil.
Through this medium, we are going to learn more about coconut and coconut oil, its uses, benefits, how they can be applied; many coconut bases recipes on how to improve our lives and well being with organic coconut oil.


E-Square Coconut Oil - Perfect Natural Remedy To All Health Issues: Multi Purpose Product [Must Read]

History of coconut oil and the benefits can be dated back to thousands of years.
Coconut as a fruit, its flesh,coconut water ,its milk and it has been known to have a great influence in the lives of those belonging to the tropical countries in Africa and Asian.

Coconut oil, or copra oil, is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm (cocos nucifera).
It has various applications. Because of its high saturated fat content , its slow to oxidize and, thus, resistant to rancidification. According to research, the first coconut was from Costa's, sighted by an Egyptian traveler in the 5th century.


E-Square Coconut Oil - Perfect Natural Remedy To All Health Issues: Multi Purpose Product [Must Read]

Coconut and coconut oil has become one of the versatile healthy foods on the planet.
It has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years. People tout its usefulness in almost every area of everyday life ranging from cooking health/Wellness ,beauty and even house keeping!. Currently, there are over 1,500 students proving the multitude of benefits that come from this natural oil.

Unlike other plant-based oils, coconut oil does not contain cholesterol.

The vast majority (more than 85%) of the fats in coconut oil are medium chain fatty acids(MCFA's) found in coconut has tremendous health benefits.

Coconut oil contains these three unique fatty acids
>> Lauric acid

>> Capric acid

>> Caprylic acid


*Cooking at high heat

* Butter replacement

*Natural energy booster

*Coffee creamer

*Melt with chocolate

*Boost nutrients in smoothies

*Healthy popcorn topping

*Make healthy mayonnaise

*Replace unhealthy fat for baking

*Make healthy granola

*Sport drink replacement

*Natural throat lozenge

*Prolong egg freshness

*For cooking stew, frying of egg, plantain, yam etc.


*Natural skin moisturizers*Wrinkle reducer

*Natural makeup remover

*Lock in moisture after showers

*Healing bath with epsom salt

*Homemade toothpaste

*Lip balm

*Naturally tinted lip gloss

*Personal Lubricant during $3x

*Natural mouth wash

*Natural deodorant

*Gentle face wash

*Wound salve

*Cellulite solution

*Soothing shaving cream

*Sunscreen /sunburn remedy

*Massage oil

*Insect repellent

*Anti- fungal cream

*Cold sore treatment

*Nail cuticle oil

*In grow hair treatment

*sulphate free shampoo

*Natural hair conditioner

*prevent and treat dandruff

*Hair detangler

*Homemade exfoliator

*cheek bone highlighter

*make up brush cleanser loss ush cleaner

*Hair texturizer

*Natural vapor rub

*Stretch mark reducer


*Carrier oil for homemade candles

*Help unzip a caught or a stuck bike chain

*Remove gum from hair,rug and furnish

*Dust preventer

*shoe shiner

*Laundry determinant

*furniture polish

*Rust reducer

*Homemade hand soap


*Fight inflammation

*Boost immune system

*prevent bone loss and osteoporosis

*Alzheimer's treatment and brain health protector

*sleep aid

*Acne fighter

*cancer protection and defense

*candida killer

*fat burning supplement

*Hormone balancer

*Digestive support

*Blood sugar stabilizer and diabetes preventer

*Eczema and psoriasis cure

*Balance cholesterol levels

*Constipation relief

*Fight heart disease

*Help sick pets


*Cradle cap- These affects babies during early weeks after birth ( looks like dandruff)

*Eczema (dry and itchy)

*Diaper rash

*Smooth hair

*Dry and chapped lips

*Insect bites

*Treat lice

*Baby wash

*Baby acne(red marks)

*Chest rub for cold

*Treating your baby's thrush (candida) around baby's mouth- spots on your baby's tongue

*Baby toothpaste- few months old , you can start by massaging his gum to help ease teething pains and improve his oral and dental hygiene

*Teething pain- apply on the affected gum

*Hair cream

* Body lotion

*Baby massage after bath

*To remove meconium - the first faeces of newborn infant

*On nursing mothers food- it increases the milk flow

*For bumps , burns and cuts

*Strengthens baby bones

*Yeast infections in babies.


From softening skin to conditioning of hair ,coconut oil is prized as a tropical aid - but the benefit of this ancient oil are more than skin deep.
According to coconut connections, consuming 2- 4 table spoon of coconut oil per day may offer a spectrum of health perks,including faster metabolism , improved thyroid function and greater immunity to disease.

Such benefits make coconut oil an appealing fat source for those seeking for Wright loss and overall good health.

With a little planning and creativity, you can integrate this oil into your own menu and consume it on a daily basis.

>> STEP 1: Substitute coconut oil for butter or margarine- especially when baking or seeking a rich spread for bread . As the tropical traditions website explains,coconut oil hardens at temperatures below 76 degrees f, making it an effective replacement for other semisold fats.

>> STEP 2: Add 1 to 2 tables spoon to smithies made with fruit ,yogurt ,tea or other ingredients you enjoy. This will impart a rich ,thick texture to blended beverages while helping you reach your daily goal for coconut oil consumption.

>> STEP 3: use coconut oil as your primary oil for high- temperature. Cooking methods such as frying. because coconut oil is comprised mainly of saturated fat, its resistant to oxidation and stable in high-heat environments.
Unlike unsaturated oils , coconut oil does not produce health- harming free radicals when exposed to hot temperature and may be safely reheated multiple times.

>> STEP 4: Eat coconut oil directly off a spoon ( extra virgin coconut oil) because this oil is naturally aromatic and flavourful, consuming 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil straight from the jar as a snack can boost your energy and slay your hunger until your next meal.

>> STEP 5: consume coconut oil capsule. If the taste or texture of coconut oil is unappealing to you


These mystery seen in coconut oil moved the e- square team to work,into research on how to produce organic coconut oil, 100% original- no preservatives or additional agent, so as to meet up with the need of people and to maintain the efficacy of "organic coconut oil".

You can get our product in some States in Nigeria and in stores in Lagos and environs.

you can also call our customer support care line for more information: 07082722882.

Helen C.Okoro
Founder e- square coconut oil.

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